In December 2011, AFC, under the Sushi Izu brand, partnered with Woolworths and expanded its operations to Australia. Today, we make freshly made sushi on-site each day for consumers to enjoy at more than 165 Woolworths supermarkets across the nation. We are now the number one sushi retailer in Australia and continue to expand our offer with Woolworths each year in our franchise system that wholeheartedly values customer patronage.  Our philosophy is to provide healthy meal alternatives by using the highest quality ingredients. Our sushi is prepared fresh daily and is conveniently packaged for customers on a tight schedule.


 We further pride ourselves on our globally and locally sourced ingredients that enable us to offer our much acclaimed Hybrid Sushi range.


Our Sushi Izu stores are owned and operated by local people within your community, just like Izumi from the Neutral Bay store!


Say hello next time you've got a Sushi craving.


"My favourite thing to prepare is Nigiri; using my Sashimi Knife to craft the fresh Australian Salmon into beautiful, precise shapes"

- Izumi